Remaining BZ

Mined BZ 136,384,618

Ecological Token BZ

BZ is the ecological token issued by Bit-Z Exchange, abbreviated as BZ. It does not publicly raise funds from investors.The initial stage of BZ is based on the Ethereum ERC20 agreement. In the future, the BZ main net will establish more ecological models to boost the development of the platform. Based on the global eco-development plan of the Bit-Z Group, BZ will have good asset value preservation, expected value-added space, and stable market liquidity. The value space of BZ can be imagined. BZ is bringing a series of ecological core welfare benefits to the Bit-Z Group.

BZ defines its millions of traders as global partners and promotes the new model for global partners to share dividends. Bit-Z has always been committed itself to being the industry unicorn and always joins hands with traders to promote the new development of global blockchain ecological construction.

Bit-Z puts perspective on industry health and platform self-discipline. BZ minimizes the participation threshold for global partners and creates a new economy for welfare sharing. BZ employs third-party data disclosure agencies to share data to global partners in real-time. BZ is committed to creating a fully transparent circulation mechanism.



Traders participating in “Trading Mining”will get refunded transaction fee in the form of equivalent BZ(Required Level 2 verification).


Each period is limited to 10 million BZ, gradually released, and the return percentage of transaction fee will be reduced by 3% after each period are completed.


At the same time of mining, Bit-Z will promote the opening of BZ trading according to the mining power of the entire network.


Before opening BZ trading, Bit-Z will return the transaction fee according to the formula in (2); and return the transaction fee 100% in accordance with BZ real-time quote price after opening BZ trading.

Price calculation:

Before opening BZ trading: 1BZ = 0.158 USDT, 1BZ = 1DKKT, 1BZ = (0.158 / BTC whole network price)BTC

After opening BZ trading: BZ Real-time Quoted Price